Hermione is a place gifted by nature with unique beauty, a glorious place from ancient times. Located in the southeastern tip of the prefecture of Argolida, and is one of the most beautiful coastal areas of the Saronic Gulf. Reminiscent of the island and surrounded by almost the entire sea.

The economy relies mainly on tourism because of the insularity of color but also in agriculture and fisheries. Hermione offers modern amenities but has kept unchanged its traditional character providing its visitors unforgettable holidays in the magic of the sea. When you visit the city, you can swim in the beaches as the Bisti, the blankets, the sheets, the PLEPI, the coast of HOT and Petrothalassa. The Bisti is the pine-clad area leads Peninsular Hermione. The Bisti is one of the most beautiful pieces of Hermione, ideal for walking or a short ride with sea view. We can even walk up the Mandraki region which is famous for its nightlife and the view here is also remarkable.

Hermione is accessible both by land (2.5 hours drive from Athens and 1 hour from Nafplion) and sea (2 hours by hydrofoil from Piraeus) making it very attractive as a holiday or starting point for other excursions after exactly the opposite of Hermione and only twenty minutes away is the famous island of Hydra. Very near is also the green Poros (1 hour by hydrofoil and forty minutes by road) and the famous island of Spetses (via Costa ten minutes).

Ancient Hermioni, experienced great prosperity during the ancient times. Box Bisti you can see today the foundation stone of the temple of the goddess Athena, and Poseidon. At the northern side of the peninsula are the remains of the Kyklopeia Teichi which surrounded the priceless antiquities, among them, and relics left by the processing of shell purpura. Ermioni H was also famous for the shell, thanks to intense, red color painting of the royal purple tunic. Also, historical finds have been excavated in the courtyard of the old Elementary School, which now dominates the town hall of Hermione and the Metropolitan Church of Taxiarches built in place of the ancient temple of Goddess Demeter in the 17th century. There are still traces of ancient roads in the precinct of the church. The Temple of Taxiarches are connected with historical events of 1821 because there was orkomosia of delegates of the Third National Assembly. Beside the temple is a great sample ermionitikou restored mansion that now houses the Historical and Folklore Museum of the City. It is built in the 18th century. and an important monument of the region, and here began the National Assembly C to1827.

While a remarkable monument of the Byzantine period is the Monastery of the Holy Anargyroi, which was founded in the late 11th century on the ruins of ancient Asclepius and famous for its Byzantine icons of the valuable library of the Gold wooden temple and the famous spa water.

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